I sins but I’m not the devil, so don’t stand there and stare at me like you saw the Satan in flesh. That was the typical explanation of the people when they look at a sinner. People are not the judge also they will get the punishment that they deserve now or later. Treat sinner or convicted like they are follow different community race is what motivated them to stay in same path of the self destructive. So lets trade shoes he be you and you be him. You will understand their pain and figure out what going in their mind while people reject them by looks or talks.

Not all people raised in the correct way as you think. You missed to see the fire under the ashes that burn their souls. So stay away from judge people behavior like your are a psychologist and expert in your field. Everybody sins so at the end we are all similar but different in exposure level to the publicity. Literally we are all criminal to our self. 

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