Road represent our life that full of turns but the important is which turn you must take for arriving to your destination without any obstacles came across your path. People are the signs along the road to guide you. So sometime slight change in the destination will make a mess in your whole life. You start thinking this is a karma and all this mess because of other impact on me. And you know deep down in yourself that all was by your choice no one force you.

Your responsibility is your passengers which they are your family in the whole trip and you became their main source of pain by your little mistake. Infamous is you nickname in the whole road. All your good actions turned to ashes once you make this little mistake that cost you a life and career.

Once you became a guilty you will be full of shame to face your loved one and keep struggle for them again. It’s hard to repair all your broken pieces. But also you must be strong because they count on you and support you all the way to solve your life puzzle. Furthermore you need to adjust your default setting to serve your circumstances to fit your future purposes.

After all life is an experiment and we made a mistakes but we should learn from it not fall for it twice. Trust are hard to gained once it broke especially of your loved one.At the end be careful while you navigate your path.

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